September 2017 / by Anna Zalisova

Is it just me or has September really gone too fast? I didn't get to travel as much as I did last month, but I managed to find a few moments for photography. And I have started to look forward to autumn. I have several places I would like to visit when the colours are in full strength.

Anyway, in September I mostly tried to enjoy the last of the sunshine.


In my country people like to pick mushrooms in autumn. It is a common activity in this time of year. My success with finding edible mushrooms was poor this year, but I found some photogenic beauties. I wouldn't like to eat them though :D


I absolutely love this time of year. It is still summer, but you can also feel the autumn coming in the forests, on the fields and meadows.


September wasn't very successfull in dog photography. Here are the only images I got this month.