October 2017 / by Anna Zalisova

Another month has passed. October was good fun. It had one major topic...35mm. My team has got a new member - Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art. I hope we will be happy together :-) We have only been out for a couple of times, but I am already in love. No, I wouldn't give up my beloved Canon 135mm, but it feels like I can see a whole new world through the 35mm :-)

Considering it was October, I thought the forest still looked a bit too green. Yes, there is a hint of the autumn gold here and there, but there are still too many trees that stubbornly insist on staying green.


As I said above there was a bit of gold to be seen in the wood. And quite suprisingly there were also other colours. I would have never expected to see pink in autumn. I have never seen such a bush here. I have to find out what it is.


In the middle of October I went to Prague to attend a workshop on dog photography by Ondrej Uhlir. It was my second workshop with him and as I expected it was a great day. I left with a couple of nice images, but most importantly loads of new things to think about that will help me improve my skills. I could reccommend Ondrej to anyone with interest in dog photography. He is not only a great photographer, but a wonderfull teacher/mentor as well.


I also made my first photo walk with my tripod. Until now it has only been used at home. And I have to admit that it is not too much fun to carry those 5 kilos in my hand all the way. I set out to the local wood when it looked like there would be good conditions with a bit of mist. Unfortunately the mist didn't completely penetrate into the forest and wasn't as dense as it was in the open spaces around. I managed to get a couple of images that I liked until one of the tripod legs lost its foot and it just didn't work as it should. Luckily it wasn't anything serious and it is all in the best condition again.


At the end of October I went on a trip with my friends to Nasavrky. We followed the educative tourist track called Following the Celts and it was a really nice experience. Even the weather was good. This place would be perfect for autumn landscape photography. Although the best conditions would probably be a couple of weeks earlier. We were there on a dog walk so I didn't have much time to stop and take photos, so I only have a few quick shots from the side of the track. But I hope to be back next year as it is definitely worth a journey back.