November 2017 / by Anna Zalisova

Do you remember how I wrote about looking forward to all the wonderful autumn colours? Well, I completely missed them. While the trees showed the autumn colour palette I was lying in bed fighting with flu. When I finally won the battle and got to the forest there were only the last few leaves still holding on. But who cares, right? I was just really happy to be out again at last.

As I got into the forest and saw how it changed from my last visit I struggled a bit. Once the leaves fall to the ground it shows what a jungle and mess this forest is. A chaos of trees of all sizes, bush, fern. I deeply admire all those photographers who can find a composition in such conditions and give the scene a bit of order on the image. The master of this and my #1 favourite photographer is Simon Baxter. I don't have those precious skills. Yet. But I tried to go the other way and just embrace the chaos.


That little city forest near my home is just incredible. For such a small area it shows great variety. You walk 100 metres and you think you are in a completely different wood. The following images were taken around 70 metres from the previous set. I was walking through a gloomy patch of wood with practically no colour left on the trees when suddenly a beautiful colourful scene opened in front of me. A bit of sun through the clouds and it got truly magical.


The weather in November tends to be more on the gloomy side, whether I like it or not. I took the following photos on the roadside on my way to the dog training course.


I also tried to make a couple of images with somewhat darker atmosphere that is not unsual in November.


And because I don't want to finish on the gloomy line, here is Annie :-)

Thanks for reading! Have a good December!