March 2018 / by Anna Zalisova

I have to admit I struggled a lot in March. I don't have many images to show here. But I will share those few that I have.

The beginning of March was rather chilly. Cold. Bloody freezing actually. The winter fairy obviously decided she hadn't had much fun yet and gave us a week of Siberian winter. Dry Siberian winter. No snow, just temperatures that didn't even get higher than -10°C during the day here in the lowlands.

On the bright side it gave many people the opportunity to dust off their ice-skates and set out to the river. They only had about a week to enjoy these conditions, because as quickly as the temperatures dropped, they soon rose back to around 5°C. As I was passing one of the dead arms of the river Chrudimka when the river was already melting, I noticed a strange shape under the water surface. It was a fallen tree deeply frozen in the middle of the dead arm. I have never seen anything like it before. It looked a bit creepy.


I have also took a couple of random photographs in the woods while out for a walk with the dog.


As I am writing this at the very end of April I already know that while March was very difficult and not very successfull for me, April has been far more rewarding.

Enjoy your day and I'll see you next time with a much more colourful set of spring images!