June 2018 / by Anna Zalisova

I was very much looking forward to June and I enjoyed it very much too. I was particularly looking forward to trying out another genre of photography that is way out of my comfort zone - city landscapes. I took it as a challenge. However, it appeared that visiting Český Krumlov during the tourist season was not a very good decision.

Český Krumlov Castle

Just to avoid any misunderstantings, I have to say that Český Krumlov is a beautiful historic city, I can't say anything against it. I am looking forward to visiting it soon. BUT there were so many tourists! On the other hand it was to be expected when going to a UNESCO site. Anyway, the city landscape photography seemed like a bigger challenge than I originally thought :D

I absolutely love all historic sites. And I absolutely can't stand tourists. Every time I have to pay all my attention to avoiding all those confusedly moving people looking for the right direction, I get a serious case of a special kind of claustrophobia. The desire to enjoy the sightseeing is gone and all I want is to find a quieter place as soon as possible. I might be a bit too dramatic now, sorry for that. Despite all of that I managed to grab a couple of images . And considering how much cityscape photography is out of my comfort zone I have to say I quite like the images I took. Although I only managed to concentrate on photographing on a couple of places away from the main tourist route, so many of the images are similar.


Castle garden

The castle garden however was something else completely. It was amazing. Exactly my cup of tea. Most garden and parks are such calm and peaceful places. And this one certainly was like it.


And before I close this here is a mix of random images taken in the neighbourhood.


And this next photo is my very first panorama. I didn't have my tripod with me, so it is shot handheld, but considering it was my first ever attempt I am pretty proud of the image.


I hope you like the images from Český Krumlov. I definitely recommend this place for a visit! Enjoy the summer days! A. :-)