January 2018 / by Anna Zalisova

The first month of the year. At first I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year in this blog, but as it is already half of February I thought it would be a bit weird. Nonetheless I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year.

I launched this blog in order to make an unavoidable reason to go shooting more and stop procrastinating. And I'm glad I did. If I didn't I wouldn't have bothered to shoot in January at all. So, mission accomplished.

When winter finally showed up in late January I went for a walk to my favourite place - the bank of the river Chrudimka just outside Pardubice. It's a beautiful place for a walk any time of the year. The opposite bank doesn't stay behind too with the beautiful large meadows and the dead arm of the river.

The reeds sway in the wind all around the dead arm of Chrudimka. You don't even notice them in summer, but in winter they provide a nice distraction in an otherwise uninteresting view.

I also made a couple of more abstract images. The bush around the river is covered with lichen and as the rising sun fell on the first branches while leaving the rest in shadow I saw much potential for somewhat dark abstract images.

I have always concentrated on details when shooting. Ever since I first picked up a camera I mostly enjoyed taking pictures in our flower garden. Even now I usually take more pictures of the little details of trees and grasses and flowers, rather than big landscape views. Sometimes I just can't see the wood for the trees, as they say. I have promised myself to try and learn to shoot landscapes more and better. But I guess I will always be naturally drawn to the little things.

If you got this far I hope you liked the images and I thank you for your time! Enjoy the rest of February!