December 2017 / by Anna Zalisova

December is traditionally my favourite month of the year...because it's Christmas and I love Christmas! I hope you all had as wonderful holidays as I did.

I didn't touch the camera for the first three weeks. My first photo-walk happened in the last week of December, just after Christmas. And as it usually happens, on this last photo-walk of the year I got some images that will be in my top images of 2017.

One of the mornings was especially successful. Frost, mist, morning don't even have to try too hard to get nice images.


And I didn't only shoot details. With the light conditions like this I couldn't miss a wider view as well.


On the next day I went away from the forest to the nearby village. A dirt road leads to the village between fields, which proved to be full of photography opportunities.


Just before the New Year I went on trip to Vysoke Chvojno with a couple of friends. The arboretum and the game park with deer is a great place for a trip. Even the weather was nice and the sun showed itself in just the right moment when we reached the enclosure.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the images. And as always I finish this with a dog photo. See you in the new year!