First blog post - August 2017 / by Anna Zalisova

I have been thinking about writing a blog for some time. I just didn't know how to start and didn't have the courage to do so. Recently I stumbled upon a blog of a Brittish photographer Dylan Nardini (check out his website, he's a great photographer). Dylan regularly publishes My Ordinary Week blog posts where he looks back on the previous week and the images he's taken.

I liked the idea. It was the scheme I was looking for. So I took the inspiration and decided to have something like that too, although on a monthly basis.

August 2017

This August was full of travelling. I visited The Pruhonice Park in Prague. It is a gorgeous place. It is the Czech National Historic Landmark and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I can reccommend this park with the castle for a visit any time of year. I was here for the first time, in the middle of summer. Green was definitely the dominant colour all around. It was mixed with flowerbeds and rockgardens with all the colours you can imagine. There are meadows, forests, lakes, rocks... And it is all accompanied by a beautiful castle.


Next week I traveled to Prague again to visit the ZOO. I don't know about you, but I am not a big fan of ZOOs. I actually find them to be quite depressive. I think this was the last time a visited a ZOO. It always breaks my heart to see the antelopes, parrots or the big predators, which daily walk/fly so many kilometers in the wild as they are locked up in a cage or any kind of enclosure never to be free again. Of all the images I took I would like to share just one that I like for its atmosphere.


At the end of the month I spent a couple of days in Marianske Lazne in the western part of the country. The train journey was rather long, but comfortable. Marianske Lazne is a beautiful spa town. The people there are kind and somehow peaceful and relaxed. The whole spa part of the town is really nice, but I was completely fascinated by the singing fountain. Coupled with the setting sun it was a truly magical experience. I didn't do much of a creative photography on this holiday, all my images are rather documentary.

There is an interesting place in the woods above the town. It is called Park Boheminium. It is a park with tens of miniatures of famous Czech historic sites. I really enjoyed this place too.


When at home I also found some time for local walks. And I couldn't miss the heather season. Although we don't have the luxury of the vast open spaces covered in heather like there are in the UK.


And of course I took a few dog images...