April 2018 / by Anna Zalisova

Spring at last! It will probably be a bit obvious after reading this article, but I really love spring! When nature wakes up after winter and everything starts to turn all tones of green and flowers bloom everywhere and the world becomes one big beautiful garden. It's the way I see it anyway.

Most photographers I know have chosen their genre of photography. I think I had the other way round - the genre has chosen me. Ever since I started doing all this I wanted to be a dog photographer. And I love it, I really do. But almost any time I go somewhere with the camera I end up crawling on the ground trying to find the best angle for a flower that I just spotted. I just always tend to end up with flower photography. You'll see for yourself in a minute...

And before we head out into the sunshine, let's take a walk through one forest in the central Bohemian county before the spring arrived (the real spring, not the calendar one).


The calendar spring starts on the same day every year, right? Well, for me spring starts with the first blooming Anemone in the forest. It's just a small flower that can change the after-winter woodland to a magical place.


Have you ever been in the forest during sunrise. Well you should, it is worth it!


I have been commuting from Pardubice to Hradec Kralove daily for several years. I feel like I know every single tree along the train track :D I planned to go there on foot with the camera for a long time and in April I finally got to do it. I spent an entire morning there. I only have a couple of images that I will keep from the trip, but it was a nice walk nevertheless. And this is my absolute number one favourite from the morning. I love it!


I often go for dog walks along the river Chrudimka and on Nemosicka stran. In April it is all covered with wild garlic as far as you can see. And as far as you can smell :D I completely missed the time of its bloom last year and I was determined not to let that happen again. I set out one morning and everything was just right...the sunshine was just strong enough, it fell on the right places, the garlic was in the best phase of bloom. I only spent around two hours there, but I have brought my most favourite series of photos so far.


I liked the following image straight in camera and I immediately knew it would not go into the bin. But for the life of me I cannot decide which I like more - colour or B&W? See both photos for your own consideration.


And this! This is my favourite picture I made that day. I have no idea how it happened, it was as if the image just appeared in front of me and asked me to take it :D I have been trying to shape and create my own style of photography for a long time and with this image I finally found what I was looking for. I am sure for everyone else it will be just an ordinary picture with and ordinary flower maybe with quite interesting light, but for me it's something very special even though I don't know how to put it in words.


And here is another important image of April. Lathyrus vernus photographed quickly during a regular morning dog walk. And it quickly became my most successful image on Twitter to date.


And here is a set of more random images from the spring forest.


And like I mentioned before, I don't do much dog photography at the moment. So here is just one random photo of Annie from a morning walk.


If you got through the article to this point, congratulations! And thank you! And see you maybe next month with more flowers and hopefully more dog photos.