About me

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Anna Zalisova and I am a hobby photographer from Czechia. Whenever I have spare time I pick up my camera, take my dog and set out to nature. I donť specialize too much in a particulart genre, I like trying new things, but I am most drawn to dog and wildflower photography.



About dogs


Dogs have always been a part of my life. And when I picked up the camera you can guess what happened.

What I like most about dogs is their spontaneity and their pure joy of life. They don't worry about anything, but live in the present moment, here and now. They don't lie or pretend anything. And they are always in for a bit of fun :-)

We own two dogs which are the poor victims of my photography tests. Annie (right) is a White Swiss Shepherd. And we also have Barney, a Dachshund.


About nature and landscape

All my life my family has lived in the suburbs of our hometown Pardubice. The nearest forest is less than a hundred meters from our front door. I spent most of my childhood in that forest. And I spent all school holidays in the country at my grandparents'. Wanderings in the local woodland were a daily matter. I have always prefered nature over city environment. And it affects my photography as well.

I enjoy epic views from the mountain tops as well as the more intimate landscape scenes. I like to see the landscape change over the seasons and watch the light change the mood in the scene. And I also really like to photograph wildflowers.


About inspiration

I like to follow the work of other photographers. I am a regular visitor of many of my favourite artist's websites to enjoy their images over and over again. Their work is not only a joy for my eyes, it also inspires and educates me for which I am very grateful.

Now I would like to mention some of my favourite photographers whose work I follow.